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2010-09-03 10:56:25 by MicrowavePotato

I'm sorry Rockyusa for calling you an asshole, even though it wasnt ACTUALLY me. And of course, will do anything to make it up to you...................................

And now for something COMPLETELY different.

School is holding down Greyshapes, and will be posting some tests soon *Advice from Rockyusa* So expect something like that soon!

And now for something thats even MORE completely different.

After Greyshapes there will be a FLOOD of madness tests and a madness submission based on one of Meeb10's powerpoint thingy!




Angled shot



Coming along nicely

2010-09-02 15:22:52 by MicrowavePotato

Watch the preview of Greyshapes now BITCH!

Greyshapes is about 50 seconds long now and i will post another screenie soon!

Facts that i know

2010-08-30 15:42:39 by MicrowavePotato

Here are some facts:

My real name is Gary
Madness Headlock was not made by me OR in flash
RDSD WAS made in flash, but put together like a game
I have two projects with flash
One of them is a madness themed one
The other is a clock themed one, but i have stopped progress on it for a while
The new project is a stickfigure animation *See bottom*
My favourite video game is SPORE
My favourite song is Ravers Land by DJPygme
This is NOT sparta, this is NG
I CAN help you, if you need it
I am very lazy
My favourite food is Cheese
*White cheese acutally >.> <.<*
I live in england
My dad is an angry bastard
And that the picture below is either a preview, or an art which i working on.

I need help with my stickfigure animation because, frankly, i cant animate sticks well... HALP


Sorry, i was hacked D: I didnt mean that Rockyusa was an asshole who sucked balls. I actually typed it all in and then got hacked by a gayface who then typed in the ROCKYUSA IS AN ASSHOLE! Thing.

Facts that i know


2010-08-28 17:20:25 by MicrowavePotato

I have ditched my other projects and focused on one. No idea what to call it yet though, so comment on what it should be.

Hint for name: A man who wants murder...

Status of my Flashes atm

2010-08-24 11:45:45 by MicrowavePotato

Im doing 3 at the moment so i wanted to show you tha progress.

Battle of the grey void:
Progress: 12%
Working on: No

Madness Aflarant
Progress: 4%
Working on: No

Madness Fregation
Progress: 0%
Working on: Yes

Status of my Flashes atm

Battle of the white void

2010-08-23 11:23:14 by MicrowavePotato

Have a preview of an animation im doing

Also Madness headlock wasnt mine, but a freinds.

Also again White void will be a bit choppy for it is my first proper animation.

Battle of the white void

What do you think of THIS?

2010-08-20 14:22:46 by MicrowavePotato

A screenie of Madness Hypersion

Edit -- This isnt Hypersion anymore i got a better idea. This tribute is now called Madness Encryption

What do you think of THIS?


2010-08-19 11:56:21 by MicrowavePotato

My flash is messing up so im shit bored right now D:

Madness day

2010-08-18 06:46:32 by MicrowavePotato

I made a flash for madness day but i cant get the preloader to work, so just ignore the shitty replay thing because i also cant fix that

By the way, the flash isnt really madness but it has a sort of madness theme to it, like, pointless killing.

It has sounds!

EDIT - Find the selection box around one of the enemies, they get revived as an immortal and the box only lasts for 2 frames

EDIT - Bump

EDIT - No music because i couldnt get that to work either


Madness day

Screw it

2010-08-07 07:35:16 by MicrowavePotato