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Status of my Flashes atm

2010-08-24 11:45:45 by MicrowavePotato

Im doing 3 at the moment so i wanted to show you tha progress.

Battle of the grey void:
Progress: 12%
Working on: No

Madness Aflarant
Progress: 4%
Working on: No

Madness Fregation
Progress: 0%
Working on: Yes

Status of my Flashes atm


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2010-08-24 16:29:30

Listen, only work on one animation at a time. Also, I suggest that you do NOT use those sprites. Whatever you did with your first animation, it is wrong.
I suggest you try to make tests and improve on them. You aren't as good as you think.
Here's another suggestion. Get a preloader, place your animation onto it, save the file as your own animation's name, watch it completely with ctrl+enter, and take the SWF file that shows up. Now, you upload THAT to newgrounds, not a recording that you use from some random program.

(Updated ) MicrowavePotato responds:

Okay heres what i think. I can use whatever sprites i want. I just wanted to show people what projects im doing at the current time, because im a fast worker and usually get around 1000 frames a day on each if i have the time. And also if you read my last post, it clearly shows that i did not make Madness Headlock, it was a freind. We made a bet to see if it got through the portal, so i published it and it got through, not my problem. If im going to be a dickhead like you, i might as well comment on your post saying you shouldnt use the sprites YOU use. Next time, dont be such an asshole.

Also i find the Kai style sprites easier to use, and they look better, and, the only madness submissions you made are tests so you are telling me to make tests when most tests are shit.


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