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Coming along nicely

2010-09-02 15:22:52 by MicrowavePotato

Watch the preview of Greyshapes now BITCH!

Greyshapes is about 50 seconds long now and i will post another screenie soon!


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2010-09-02 16:48:03

So you're mad at me? Well, here's the thing.
Those sprites are hated by most animators of madness. If you COULD get 1,000 frames a day, then you are working a bit too fast. You need to take your time. Also, want to know what a test it? Something you animate anywhere from 2-30 seconds to either test out a new technique or movement. It's also used to show improvement. These tests which you should attempt to do before starting a major animation or series, should not be posted in the portal. Try uploading them to I'm not telling you that you are a good animator, or horrible. In fact, I haven't even seen any of YOUR work.
If your friend wants to submit something of his, then let him submit it on his account. If he can't get one or use flash (at least the flash TRIAL), then he shouldn't be animating. It took time and fucking money to get me started.
Now, I was in fact not being a dick head, nor an asshole. I in fact think you are taking this too far and are becoming immature, especially for your age. Unless you are a liar, which I have no definitive proof of other than your immaturity, in which you flame about me being an asshole. A preloader is used professionally and by most people. You can use those sprites, but with what I have seen, it would lower your score by a bit. By the way, tests can be shit, but most are in fact the OPPOSITE. It depends on the animator, not if it's a test or not. I dare you to go onto, get an account, and talk there. Post your animations, and check the test thread. You will be criticized, as I was when I begun, but if you actually could TAKE IT, you would learn new techniques that could help you.
Now, with that being said, I am in fact not aiming to upset you. I am giving an honest opinion. Let's see some of your animation, or maybe even a small collab part that you might want to do to get into a collab. We have not seen anything you have made yet, so I will not judge you upon what your friend created.
As for the audio, I would not choose you unless I have seen any previous work. I'm not even sure if you have an audio program that can be used for the portal.

*And if you don't understand the above- I am in fact not an asshole, quite the opposite. I am HELPING you, but you will not accept it. Now go onto and see if you can get help there*

(Updated ) MicrowavePotato responds: