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Facts that i know

2010-08-30 15:42:39 by MicrowavePotato

Here are some facts:

My real name is Gary
Madness Headlock was not made by me OR in flash
RDSD WAS made in flash, but put together like a game
I have two projects with flash
One of them is a madness themed one
The other is a clock themed one, but i have stopped progress on it for a while
The new project is a stickfigure animation *See bottom*
My favourite video game is SPORE
My favourite song is Ravers Land by DJPygme
This is NOT sparta, this is NG
I CAN help you, if you need it
I am very lazy
My favourite food is Cheese
*White cheese acutally >.> <.<*
I live in england
My dad is an angry bastard
And that the picture below is either a preview, or an art which i working on.

I need help with my stickfigure animation because, frankly, i cant animate sticks well... HALP


Sorry, i was hacked D: I didnt mean that Rockyusa was an asshole who sucked balls. I actually typed it all in and then got hacked by a gayface who then typed in the ROCKYUSA IS AN ASSHOLE! Thing.

Facts that i know


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2010-08-31 13:17:54

Bump >.>